Friday, April 4, 2008

Curry Chicken in the Crockpot

The cast and crew for this dish:
1 large chicken breast (just cooking for 2)
2/3 Cup of Orange juice
Red potatoes (recipe called for sweet, use either)
Minced garlic
Curry power

Place chicken in the bottom of your crock.

Chop up the potatoes (don't chop the potatoes too small or you'll have mashed potatoes) and onions and throw that mess on top of your chook (Australian for chicken)

Measure out 2/3 C of OJ into a glass measuring cup.

Add garlic and 2 tsp curry to your OJ and pour over your chook, potatoes, and onions.

Put your crock pot on low and cook for 6 hours

Use whatever kind of rice you like (brown, white, instant, not so instant, jasmine, etc).

Follow the directions for cooking your rice substituting 1/2 of the water with coconut milk

Serve curry chook over the the rice with potatoes on the side.


-I am not a huge curry fan, but Michael is so this dish was more for him. But the curry taste was mild and overall the dish was good.
-This dish probably could have used two chicken breasts
-We decided we couldn't really taste the coconut milk and therefore wasn't really worth the extra calories

MM says, "mmmm that's some fiiine curry." He also gives it the Kelly Kapoor Award.

WW points for the meal: 8

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H said...

I am loving this blog, I hope it will inspire me to try new cooking things :0)