Wednesday, April 23, 2008

chicken tomato spinach pasta

For this part you need a crockpot, fresh spinach, chicken breast/s ( I just make one for me and michael), and dijon mustard.

Lay your chook in the pot and cover it with a thin layer of dijon mustard.

Then cover with spinach leaves, use more than you think you need because they shrink up a ton. Then cover the pot and turn on low heat or high depending on how many hours you are leaving it. Ok let me insert here, I realize this does not sound good so far, nor does it look good. Furthermore, the first time I made this I got home and my house smelled not so good. Which is one thing I like about cooking in the crock pot, the great aromas, this did not smell good, and it looked sick too... ok lets move on- because there is a happy ending!

For the next part you need a can of tomatoes, an onion or shallot (optional), balsamic vinegar, and the whole wheat pasta of your choice.

Drain the tomatoes and pour in a large pan

Then put in your chopped onion if you choose to use it. (normally i saute' the onion in olive oil and then put in the onions, but I forgot this time, either way works)

then add a splash (or three) of the balsamic vinegar and mix together and let cook on high heat (until the juices evaporate) while you move on

take the chicken out and pull apart with two forks, it will be super tender

then pour the chicken and spinach into the tomato mixture, mix, and let cook together while you make sides or the pasta I haven't talked about!

I forgot to mention, before you start the tomatoes, begin boiling some water, and cook your pasta while you are simmering the sauce.

Serve on top of pasta, and viola!
Our take:
Michael said: add this one to the repertoire!
and in the last month we have had this 3 times! So although it starts out not looking so good, it is very tasty, and only about 4 WW points per serving!

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