Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wedding Punch

I call this wedding punch, because it is the one my mom made for my wedding. I made it for a friend's baby shower last month.

Mix 5C of water with 2 C of sugar stirring the water until the sugar melts

Puree a carton of strawberries in a food processor

Mash 3 large ripe bananas

Add a carton of concentrated orange juice to the water mixture

Add in one large can of pineapple juice

Add in the strawberries and bananas

Mix together

I'm sure there is some other way to do this, but pour the punch into plastic cups and place in the freezer. Before you serve take out and defrost under hot water. Put in punch bowl and mash frozen punch into sprite. Makes 28 cups with this recipe + 2 liters of sprite. It is so good!

Here we are at the shower and the punch.

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